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Monday, February 10, 2014

Nonna has fun with pre-reading

Hi R
I forget what your granny name is.  Mine is Nonna and I'm getting a great deal of pleasure in that role.

My grandchildren don't live close  - a few hours away, but fortunately, with visits and calls, we get to spend quality time.
Here I am with OJ who is now 3 - he's ready for pre-reading activities and instead of just writing to my daughter, Elle, I decided to share it with you and perhaps others might be interested. 

 My teacher background, mothering,  nannying experience, tutoring  - in other words a lifetime of being with children, means that  I'm vitally interested in how they learn.

Maybe you have a few hints that you can add at times.
Love Nonna C

OK - Lesson 1 - Pre-reading.  OJ knows the name of the letters and sings the ABCDEFG  HIJK LMNOP etc. Now I know my ABCs.  Can you sing along with me.   Suggest you get out the  books which have the letters and pictures and ask him randomly what the NAME of the letters are.

Next step is to become familiar with the sound of the letters eg the sound of 'a' is as in  ant, 'b' as in bear  etc
So - distinguishing between the name of the letter and its sound.  Lots of fun ways to do it - like 'I Spy'

Work in lowercase at first - upper case can work beside lowercase or include later.

There are many great apps to start with but best to begin with books and incidental pointing out what letter SOUND a word begins with. 

Have fun!!  It's important to have fun and  that the learning is  incidental and without pressure.

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